typography 101

One of the first design classes I had in college was on typography. It was back in the day before the majority of design was done electronically. I remember we had to purchase these amazing yet expensive (for a college student) rapidograph pens. Actually I just looked them up and they are still expensive. But I loved these pens and more importantly I loved drawing with them. They took a little practice, but after awhile they were such a joy to use. Our first project was to recreate some type with these pens. I was awful at first, but after years of practice I became pretty good at it. Sadly, the craft of hand lettering was a dying art. (Thankfully there's a resurgence of it now, but that's another post.) 

But today, I was prepping for the opening of a gallery and I decided to hand letter the entrance to the gallery. Boy did those those lettering skills come into good use. Here's a photo of the finished product. If you're in Chicago and at the gallery, don't look too terribly close at it.