I am an artist . . . and a photographer?

In the last couple of years, I realized the first step to being an artist is to identify yourself as an artist. I've repeated this advice to many people that are just beginning to put their toe in the artists' water to encourage them and inspire them. It does wonders to call yourself an artist. You get over the hurdle of the voices in your head that's most likely filled with negative thoughts like you're not good enough and you just started this, but don't believe those voices, you are an ARTIST. Just the other day, I had to remind myself of this advice. I had just finished a photo shoot with a bunch of kids, and I was carrying my camera bag around a neighborhood fest. I was on my to meet up with a friend that was working one of the booths. When I got to the booth she asked how did my shoot go, and before I had a chance to answer, another guy at the booth said "cool, are you a photographer?"and I paused for a second and said "Yes, yes I am." In my head I wanted to say, no I just shoot here and there, I'm really a designer. . . but I decided to say what was and is true. Yes, Yes I am a photographer.