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Hi. I’m Dana Chen. The first photo was taken when I was about a year old (in one of those big box department stores photo studios). The second photo is my current photo. I’m showing both to prove that I was the most adorable baby and I always had A LOT of hair.

Welcome to my resume page. If you’ve made it to this page, that hopefully means that you’re interested in learning more about me and you also have an open design position. Below you’ll find my resume where you will be able to learn all about my design career. But before we get to that, here’s some facts about me that didn’t make it on my official resume.

  • I like to believe I have a photographic memory. I was obsessed with the Cam Jensen books when I was growing up. She had a photographic memory, and to activate it she would say “click” when she wanted to remember something. So for years (aka decades) I would silently say “click” in my head, hoping that it would help me remember something. It probably worked about 75% of the time. At one of my jobs I shared this strange fact about me. Every so often my coworker would catch me intensely looking at something and she would ask “are you clicking?” The answer was always yes. So I don’t have a photographic memory, just a good memory - which makes me good at pub trivia.

  • In my spare time I cook. Not just normal cooking where I host dinner parties every so often. I really cook. I used to sous chef at an Underground Dinner party where my friend was the actual chef. I started out being the host, but started doing prep work (chopping, stirring, etc) when the actual chefs were running behind. After a while I ditched my heels and monitoring the RSVP list and worked just in the kitchen as a sous chef. I’ve become really good at making desserts, especially anything that involves caramel.


You can view my resume below. Or you can download a pdf version here. Thank you!