iPhone Delivery

Did you know that if you live in Chicago (and probably other cities) that you can order an iPhone from the Apple Store and it’ll arrive via Postmates within 2 hours? #amazing

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Potatoes (especially sweet potatoes) glycemic index changes depending on how they are cooked.

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Same Same

-40° F in the SAME as -40°C. Also in case you’re wondering, to convert temperatures in degrees Celsius to Fahrenheit, multiply by 1.8 (or 9/5) and add 32.

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Winter Fun

The best temp to make frozen bubbles is between -9° and 9°F. If it’s too cold the bubble won’t have time to form. To turn boiling water into snow it has to be at least -25°F. (But remember to throw the water away from you and anyone else).

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United Flights

After a dozen flights on United with a promise of an in seat plug, I finally found it. On one flight it was on the leg on the seat, but that was just for that one flight. It’s located right under the seat on the right side. #yourewelcome

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Random Election Knowledge

Wondering why a dead person can win an election? If the deceased wins the election, the political party that they belong to is able (in most cases) to choose a person to fill their seat.

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Wifi Passwords

If you’re iPhone and MacBook are near each, you can connect to a new Wifi on your phone and then you’ll automatically be connected on your MacBook. You have to have the right sharing settings but once you do it, it’s really easy anytime after that.

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Moving Trucks

Are you moving cross-country and deciding on a moving truck? Find out which company has the most locations on your route. It'll be easier to switch trucks if your truck breaks down.

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RFID Travel

The RFID wallets and purses are great for protecting your credit cards, but don't put your phone in your RFID wallet/purse. It'll constantly search for a signal while draining the battery


Use packing cubes! I bought a set (probably off Amazon) awhile ago and they are the best. I use one for my tops, one for my bottoms, one for socks and undergarments, and one for toiletries that won’t fit in my makeup case (hair brush, makeup wipes, etc.) Don’t take a long time trying to decide which ones to get, they basically are all the same. Just pick a color and go (travel)!

Dryer Sheets

When you're trying to decide if you like a different scent of dryer sheets, carry it around the store while you do your shopping. If it bothers you, go back to the laundry aisle and buy the ones you've been using since you graduated college.


Chicago - (and probably the midwest) - the tree pollen count is high today. So if you're feeling a little under the weather, you may have seasonal allergies. Also untreated allergies can turn into colds, so break out those netipots! Are you questioning if they are really allergies? Start checking the weather.com app. They have a section that tells you the pollen/mold/grass count. If it’s high on the days you’re feeling a little stuffy, then you have allergies. OR you can just go to your doctor’s and have tests done.

Going to Target

When you shop at Target, don’t take a cart or a basket. The chances of you buying something you don’t need drastically decreases when you don’t have a cart or basket. I can’t guarantee you won’t forget to buy the toothpaste you originally went in for, but I can help you not to overbuy.

Wooden Hangers

Replace your plastic and wire hangers with wooden hangers. It will instantly make your closest look neater. Okay maybe not instant, because based on the size of your closet, it make take you an hour or so. Also having wooden hangers limits the amount of clothes that can fit in your closet - which forces your to get rid of the clothes you haven’t worn in awhile (ie. since college).


I read somewhere this week that for the new year you should clean your house and then buy yourself some fresh flowers. You should always reward yourself after you clean your house. Flowers won’t add to your waistline.