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RFID Travel

The RFID wallets and purses are great for protecting your credit cards, but don't put your phone in your RFID wallet/purse. It'll constantly search for a signal while draining the battery


Use packing cubes! I bought a set (probably off Amazon) awhile ago and they are the best. I use one for my tops, one for my bottoms, one for socks and undergarments, and one for toiletries that won’t fit in my makeup case (hair brush, makeup wipes, etc.) Don’t take a long time trying to decide which ones to get, they basically are all the same. Just pick a color and go (travel)!

Going to Target

When you shop at Target, don’t take a cart or a basket. The chances of you buying something you don’t need drastically decreases when you don’t have a cart or basket. I can’t guarantee you won’t forget to buy the toothpaste you originally went in for, but I can help you not to overbuy.