Bao Tasting

I live in Chicago, the land of unlimited food from all corners of the world. Well except for one thing. Chicago is missing some good bao restaurants. (side note: I’ve heard a few have opened up lately, but I can’t quite speak to them. I’ll update when I can). But in Vancouver, Canada - the bao restaurants are plentiful. I was with the aunties at the local asian mall and there were not one but TWO bao restaurants in the food court. So of course we had to try both of them! The ones on the right have a thicker skin and are pan fried. The ones on the left have a thinner skin and are steamed. The thinner baos have a simple filling of pork and seasonings, while the thicker baos have a mixture of pork and vegetables. I personally liked the thicker baos. The fact that they were pan fried might have also contributed to my preference.


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