5k & Donuts

Confession: I only run food related 5Ks. The only other 5K I’ve ran is the Hot Chocolate 5K where you get chocolate at the end of the race. The Stan’s Donut 5K was all about the donuts. You got mini donuts during the race and then a donut at the end of the race, along with High Brew coffee and boxed water. Now you may think, mini donuts!, yes I love mini donuts. But let me tell you, mini donuts are not what I while I am actively running. I picked up the first mini and only ate about half of it. I really wanted to like it, but running and eating donuts don’t mix for this girl. So I skipped the 2nd donut station (I attribute my faster time to surpassing this station). But at the end, now that’s the perfect time to find you friends, make them take selfies in the grass and cheer a job well done with your donuts.

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