Unicorn Cake


With 4 nephews and no nieces, I’ve wanted to make a really girly cake for the longest time. When my BFF.s little girl was about to turn 3 and the unicorn cake trend hit an all-time high, I knew I had to convince the little one that she really wanted a unicorn cake for her birthday. My convincing wasn’t really convincing, because at the end she believed that her babysitter was going to make her a bunny cake. Close. But not really. I decided, she still deserved a unicorn cake. So even though I had just finished working at a Gala, I spent the Sunday after the gala designing the perfect unicorn cake. It was a little risky. I’ve never made a unicorn cake, I just saw a bunch of them on the various food/cooking shows that I binge on. I also didn’t want to make it out of fondant, so I had to make sure my buttercream was super smooth. I loved how it turned out and it was also delicious! And oh, it also had sprinkles inside - very important detail (according to the 3-year-old).

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